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Customer Service

Shop box up is an expert team to call for an excellent cart delivery services. We offer full-time home service delivery requested promptly. We are ever ready to render these services at your convenience, simply contact us or schedule on the company’s regulations. We segmented our various services to assist our clients in understanding our services more as well make a right decision. Our customer support services are meant to maximize our client’s satisfaction. Our scope of services includes but not limited to the following;

• Shipping and delivery: Once orders are processed and completed, local distribution of products bought doesn’t exceed 24 working hours, while shipping can take up to 48 working hours. Shipment dates are only estimates and are not guaranteed. Shipping and delivery come with a purchased ticket as evidence of distribution made. The receipt can as well be used in the reclamation of warranty benefits. We shall notify the buyers without delay of the nature and anticipated duration of such hindrance can keep the buyer informed of subsequent events. The buyer is not entitled to claim damages or cancel purchase upon delay in delivery due to any of the reasons mentioned above.

• Privacy and security: Shop Box Up and its subsidiaries hold and respect your preferences concerning the collection and the use of your data. Our target is to create a stable relationship between our customers and our services, deliver your order, provide you with relevant information, fulfill your request and enhance your experience across shop box. This policy describes how information and personal data are collected and how we utilize them. To better our quote response to clients, e maximize these data without an unnecessary release of it.

• Ordering: Our Company allows for a proper examination of product description before ordering process can start. Buyer’s entitlement to a product is contingent upon buyer’s acceptance to our business terms and conditions. Hence once orders are placed, they are irreversible, can be exceptionally reverted in cases of unwanted goods delivery sudden malfunction of the delivered product. Once the buyer certifies his choice of product, provision of valid information and placement of order follows, if the buyer chooses.

• Payment, Pricing, and Promotion: Buyer shall pay every amount due no later than 30 days net from date of invoice otherwise specified in writing by shop box up. We may add the handling fee to the invoice in events of buyer’s payment default or extension of time for payment. The various price of our product is listed entirely below each product description for easy examination by buyers. During the periods of promotions, Shop Box Up will notify all customers. Our developments from start to finish are usually fair and beneficial.

• Viewing orders: Customers are entitled to view the progress of orders placed to know how efficient the industry works. While orders are being processed, customers are eligible to add up to cart any one choice of product requested.

• Updating account information: Provisions are made for customers to update their account information, possibly due to changes in account details. A proper account information update will enable Shop Box Up to serve you better.